SEO Positive E-Cig Domain Portfolio Offers Hegemony to Industry Buyer


SEO Positive E-Cig Domain Portfolio Offers Hegemony to Industry Buyer

Las Vegas – Nevada, June 27th, 2013 – E-commerce Marketing Inc., couples top notch domains with top notch SEO in an industry with erupting search volume and no pay-per-click solution due to legalities making SEO traffic a more vital commodity.

Company owner and CEO, Matt Jackson stated, “We have obviously good domains with an SEO team lead by one of the best in the profession.  The overarching strategy was to field a top tier set of domains in large number with the best SEO staff possible. With the sharply increasing organic search traffic out there, we have a data driven and data proven formula for prolific hegemony in this market when it comes to traffic.”

The portfolio list is shared live at  Details, research, data on traffic and the actual Google Analytics reports for all items are shared there as well.  The company wants to share the growth progress as well as logic as openly and transparently as possible.

“There is no strong traffic presence in an industry that needs it.  As an ad network and pay-per-click solution this portfolio could be the central hub and revenue engine.  Though the critical mass, land control and search position advantage that this portfolio comes with is probably something that would give one of the larger companies a decisive advantage over the rest. ” quipped Jackson.

The whole portfolio is being outfitted with original content as SEO coding.  Currently, with 150 sites built on these domains the traffic is already growing rapidly, clearly and will be updated as more domains are built out in this fashion.

“Check out what people want at Sedo or other domain auction houses for parked domains of lesser vanity and traffic prowess with no SEO at all and take a look at our list and stats again.  We put links to those auction houses with their prices on our portfolio site and encourage those lists to be compared with ours, ” added Jackson.

Serious offers are currently being entertained by emailing the address located on the previously mentioned website.  This is the largest electronic cigarette traffic asset on the market to date with fully transparent logic and statistics shared for all perspective buyers.


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Many students are now trying to figure out what they are going to do in the next stage of their life.  Some will graduate college and start their carriers.  While others will be trying to figure out if they want to apply for graduate school.  Those looking to attend a graduate school need to figure out a carrier path and then take entrance exams and then apply for graduate schools.

Depending on your area of interest there are so many different entrance exam that you will need to take depending on your desired profession.  For example, if you want to become a lawyer, you need to take the LSAT, if you want to attend graduate school, you need to take the GMAT test, if you want to become a doctor then you need to prepare for the MCAT Exam or if you want to attend most graduate programs they will most likely require that you take what is know as the GRE.

You need to take these exams very serious and study hard and do your best on them.  How well you do or how bad you do will mean getting potential scholarships to not getting admitted to a top institution.

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There is a saying that it is far better to own than to rent property especially if you can afford to own.  Not every one can afford to buy a home.  If you can’t afford to buy a home then perhaps looking for a condo can be a reasonable alternative.  Depending in the area that you live in, there are certain price points (rental prices) that you can afford to pay on a monthly basis that might make it practical for you to buy a condo.

Some say if you can afford to pay three thousand dollars a month then you should strongly consider looking to buy your own condominium because you can probably afford to look at a one bedroom condo.  There are a great number of reasonable River North Condos to look at.  The River North area is within the seventy seven communities of the windy city.  Its near the Lake and is on the north side of the river that comes into the city.

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If you have been to Chicago then you know how hard it is to find a good Chicago Pizza Restaurants.  Its just because there are so many places.  All offering the world famous Chicago deep disk pizza so it can be kinda overwhelming to find the right place.  Especially when you only have a few days.  You kinda want to make sure that you pick the right place to consume these awesome pizza.  So what I did was visit the Chicago pizza site and read through their recommendations and tried a few of the places listed there and boy was I happy that I did.

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Are you like me?  I never like to get rid of anything.  Especially if it breaks down or is supposedly broken.  I rather fix it then to throw it into the trash can.  I will search throughout the internet for parts and manuals and tips on how to fix the broken item.  This new year, my wife told me that our Kitchenaid Blender was broken.  She wanted to go out and buy a new blender.  What a waste of good money.  I started looking around and I found Kitchenaid Blender Replacement Parts they had all the parts that I was looking for.  They has useful tips with pictures and movies.  It was amazing and had everything that I need to fix my blender and to save some hard earned cash.

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My wife and I are planning to have our first child soon so I been reading books, magazine, and Internet articles about parenting.  One of my biggest concerns is how to develop my child and find ways to stimulate their cognitive skills.  I was really happy when I found Toddler Learning Activities.  The blog had a lot of good ideas and suggestions for parents and soon to be parents like myself on how to raise our kids.  It also gave me a lot of think about and things to plan ahead of our first big day.

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There has been huge excitement with the success of getting Botox injections and its ability to help older men and women look younger.  Recently, I visited Chicago Botox Injection and was able to learn about all of its application.  Botox can do more then just make you look younger.  It can help some with headaches.  The site was really interesting and was full of information that was just not isolated to the city of Chicago.  If you are considering get botox you should visit the site and read about it.

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Ever get into a car accident and need to find a body shop to get estimates for your insurance company to review and approved?  Well if you have you know how much of a pain it is.  Well we found a easy and fast way to get this done and it doesn’t cost you a dime.  At Body Shop Estimate they tell you how.  All you need to do is take a few photos of your car and send them to them and within a few minutes you get back estimates from body shops in your area.  Its that easy and a very cool thing.  There is even an app for you smartphone users out there.

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The Chicago real estate market is tough.  In these economic times, there are more homes on the market than buyers.  Its also very difficult to secure a loan and to afford the monthly payments and tax for your home.  To navigate through all the legal work and steps, its always good to find and work with someone that you can trust and rely upon.  You were delighted and found the context of this website when we needed a good Chicago Real Estate Agent

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My wife and I have been saving up money to buy our first house for some time now.  After several years of hard work and saving we have amassed enough money to use as a down payment.  I can tell you that it is not easy.  The process of locating, bidding, and deciding which house to pick was nerve racking.  I guess we got lucky when we worked with Jeff Lowe, of the Lowe Group.  Jeff Lowe was the best to deal with.  He is was on our side the other time and that is what you need when you are looking for a Real Estate agent.  A realtor who understands your needs and answers all your stupid questions.  He made our first Chicago real estate purchase less stressful.   We can’t thank him enough for all of his real estate wisdom.

If you are looking for property in the Bridgeport Chicago area, you should strongly consider using Jeff Lowe as your real estate realtor.

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